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What it takes to be a Michelin restaurant

A Guide to the Stars

The designation of a Michelin star is the opus magnum for any chef worth his or her sauce. However, this prestigious rating, awarded only to the world’s finest restaurants, is actually the doing of a...tire company. Yes, fellow foodies, the same Michelin that doles out stars and creates celebrity chefs also sells all-season treads.



Image: The coveted Michelin Stars, awarded for the world’s best cuisine, are actually the endeavor of a tire company; Galerie Estampe Moderne, flickr

The company got its start in cuisine critiques in 1900 when Michelin produced its first guidebook to encourage the quintessential French road trip. By 1926, it was secretly sending anonymous reviewers to the world’s premier food destinations. Today, these reviewers are chameleon-like, able to appear like any ordinary customer. But behind the ‘everyman’ persona are passionate foodies with extensive culinary knowledge, a keen eye for detail and a great taste memory.

Based on their reviews, a panel comes together to decide who will and will not receive the coveted stars. It’s a rare occasion when a restaurant receives one of the heavenly decorations as more restaurants than not don’t receive any. The process is based solely on the reviewers’ expert opinions.

Michelin awards 0-3 stars depending on the establishment’s quality, mastery of technique, food personality and consistency:

One Star -- Denotes a very good restaurant in its category that serves food of a consistently high quality.

Two Stars -- These restaurants are worth a special visit since they offer excellent food that is skillfully prepared and of outstanding quality.

Three Stars -- A rare establishment that is a destination in and of itself. These once-in-a-lifetime restaurants offer exceptional cuisine, unique flavors and superb ingredients.

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