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#TravelTogether: Overview of Peru

Peru – vibrant and colorful, much like the textiles that this South American country is known for. Each thread of culture contrasts and complements the others to form the Peru we know today. From pre-Incan civilizations and the sprawling, sophisticated Incan empire to the influence of Spanish colonialism – every piece of history shapes the fabric of Peru, a country that is both ancient and modern.


Image: Peruvian textiles; chany crystal, Flickr

As a result of this rich history, Peru boasts a number of must-see highlights. Along with USTOA and hosted by Kelley Ferro, our #TravelTogether series explores the wide variety of destinations and experiences that Peru has to offer. In the coastal city of Lima, delve into the depths of San Francisco Church’s catacombs and ascend the steps of a colonial mansion that housed Spanish nobility. Journey to the Andes to learn from indigenous Quechua women the art of weaving textiles, a craft they have practiced and perfected for hundreds of years. Savor Peruvian cuisine along the Amazon, and discover the animated nightlife in trendy neighborhoods like Barranco. And – to top it all off – stand in awe of the magnificent city of Machu Picchu, the well-known site of Incan ruins.

With so many fascinating places and people, Peru is an unmatched destination for travelers looking for a rich cultural experience. Learn more about the sights and sounds of Peru in our first episode of #TravelTogether with USTOA and Kelley Ferro, below:

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