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#TravelTogether: Luxury in Peru

Traveling with a luxury tour operator means staying at the finest properties, taking convenient transportation, and enjoying exclusive access to shows and performances. Our Mythical Machu Picchu Journey is no exception. Our guests can enjoy a stay at an accommodation nestled right next to the ruins of Machu Picchu, savor some of the best Peruvian cuisine, and enjoy an authentic show at a hacienda. Watch as Kelley Ferro does all of this and more in this episode of #TravelTogether with USTOA.

One experience Travcoa offers in Peru is the horse show at Hacienda Mamacona. The show incorporates traditional dancing, music, and Peruvian Paso horses. Peruvian Paso horses have a “natural gait” which distinguishes them from trotting horses. Horses with a natural gait walk with all four feet touching the ground at different times, making for a smooth ride. As the term “natural gait” might imply, this characteristic walk is inbred, not trained.

The Spanish conquistadors brought a few things with them upon their arrival to South America, including the horse. These original Spanish horses are the predecessors of what is known today as the Peruvian Paso horse. As the popularity of trotting horses increased over time – their speed and agility making them more suitable for military use or ranching – the preservation of the Peruvian Paso horse is even more of a remarkable feat.


Image: Traditional dance at Hacienda Mamacona; photo courtesy of Colin Roohan

The breeding of Paso horses is a time-honored Peruvian tradition. The staff members at Hacienda Mamacona are not only impressive showmen but are also the dedicated breeders and trainers of the Peruvian Paso horses, continuing the tradition for the enjoyment of future generations.

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