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#TravelTogether: Loving Lima

Peru’s capital city, Lima, is a perfect example of how this South American country blends ancient and modern civilizations. You can see the pre-Columbian artifacts in the Larco Museum, shop at the Larco Mar Mall, and sip artisan coffee in the trendy neighborhood of Barranco  all in the same day. In this episode of #TravelTogether with USTOA and Kelley Ferro, Kelley visits other Lima highlights as well  like Casa D’Aliaga, the home of the artist Victor Delfin, and the Church of San Francisco – all included on our Mythical Macchu Picchu Private Journey.


Image: Kelley takes pictures in Lima; photo by Brandon Widener

One of Lima's prime attractions, the Church of San Francisco, is a spectacular example of Spanish architecture and art. Built throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the church is filled with colorful tiles, rare books, and gorgeous paintings. One of the more unusual paintings includes a Peruvian rendition of The Last Supper. Instead of a traditional Passover meal, Jesus and his disciples appear to be enjoying Peruvian classics like cooked cuy (guinea pig) and potatoes.


Image: Bones arranged in the catacombs of San Francisco Church; Kenneth Moore, Flickr

Descend underneath the church, and enter the macabre world of the catacombs – Lima’s first cemetery. It is estimated that the remains of over 25,000 people are housed in San Francisco’s catacombs. Walking through the tunnels, neatly arranged bones pack the crypts. When the catacombs were the primary burial grounds in Lima, someone was tasked with separating the bones of the decomposed bodies into the appropriate sections!

The catacombs fell out of use in 1808 with the creation of a new city cemetery outside of Lima, but it was re-discovered in the 1940s. Now travelers from all over the world have the opportunity to peer into these spooky underground tombs. Travcoa visits the tombs when few go for a more mystical experience.

Learn more about the catacombs and other Lima hotspots in this episode of #TravelTogether, below:

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