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Walking Through History

Why Travel to Central Europe

Imagine a world where music escapes from every open window, where opulent castles rest against a backdrop of dramatic mountains, and where concerts are held amidst the glow of gilded ballrooms. You can almost picture the coronations of kings, and hear the sounds of Chopin carried across the broad Mazovian plains.

Traveling to Central Europe is a walk through history. Sometimes grim, but always tempered with unparalleled beauty, the story of the past is told in every detail of the present. It’s in the clatter of hoofs on cobblestones from a passing doroshka in Warsaw and in the easy smile of an old woman with a brightly colored kerchief in Budapest. There’s a tale in the melodies of Mozart that sound from the opera houses, churches and belle epoques of Vienna and the cloak-and-dagger talk of Prague’s infamous dissident cafe.

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One of Europe’s Most Remarkable Surprises: Poland - Part 3

Polish Cuisine

Among the well-traveled, the most famous cuisine of Europe has been enjoyed. But the flavors of Poland prove that the Continent still has some delectable surprises to offer.

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One of Europe’s Most Remarkable Surprises: Poland - Part 2

A Brief History of Poland

If you missed it, please view One of Europe's Most Remarkable Surprises: Poland - Part 1.

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One of Europe’s Most Remarkable Surprises: Poland - Part 1

A Story of Family

When traveling in a country such as Poland, a flexible itinerary can offer some extraordinary opportunities, like those experienced by Harry Pelz and his family.

Harry’s parents were born in pre-war Poland, and it’s very important to him that his grand children understand their family’s heritage. Prior to the Pelzs’ arrival in Poland, their local Travcoa guide did some research that led the family to a man who had known Harry’s father when he was in his teens. The Pelz family was able to meet with this gentleman, he escorted the family to the farm where he’d worked with Harry’s father, and he gave Harry a letter that had been written by his dad in 1966. Although it only contained everyday correspondence between friends, the letter was far more important than any souvenir Harry could’ve possibly purchased.

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Journey Home to Poland

A Family's Quest to Find Answers

In the summer of 1939, Harry Pelz’s father was a young man living in Poland. Life was simple in his small town, and it was good. But then, at 4:45 am on September 1st, Nazi Germany invaded Poland and life changed forever.

“I didn’t know the man my father was back then,” Harry says. “My grandparents died during the war, my parents have since passed on, and anyone else I could ask is gone as well.”

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