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Irresistible Irish Cuisine

Ireland has been experiencing a culinary renaissance of late, much to the delight of our Emerald Ireland guests. Once the purview of all things potato, the Emerald Isle is now a foodie destination for its seasonal, sustainable fare. An abundance of natural resources, artisan producers, and innovative chefs have elevated modern Irish cuisine to the upper echelons.

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5 Myths About Irish Rail Travel, Luxuriously Debunked

Train travel is one of the best ways to experience European countries, including Ireland. Yet for many elite explorers, rail cars are more suited to carrying freight than their Fendi trolley. Those joining our Emerald Ireland journey, however, will find such tall tales delightfully debunked as they board the Belmond Grand Hibernian — the first luxury train in Ireland and one of the finest in the world. Here, a few common rail myths we’d like to unravel:

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Kiss Me, I'm Irish

The Legend of the Blarney Stone

Just outside the small hamlet of Cork, Ireland is Blarney Castle and its famous stone. Some say the bluestone was the rock that Moses struck with his staff to get water for the parched Israelites in the wilderness, others claim is was once Jacob’s pillow on the night he wrestled with God. But the rock is most famous for its supposed ability to give anyone who kisses it eloquent speech and the finesse to smooth talk others.

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Tips for Dining in Ireland

Travcoa's Small Group Tours: Dine How and When You Like

When you visit Ireland and Northern Ireland with Travcoa, you’ll enjoy the comfort and convenience of traveling with just 18 like-minded individuals. That means flexibility, a relaxed pace and uncommon personal interactions. But perhaps the greatest reason to explore the Emerald Isle with Travcoa is most appreciated near dinner time. 

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