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Walking Through History

Why Travel to Central Europe

Imagine a world where music escapes from every open window, where opulent castles rest against a backdrop of dramatic mountains, and where concerts are held amidst the glow of gilded ballrooms. You can almost picture the coronations of kings, and hear the sounds of Chopin carried across the broad Mazovian plains.

Traveling to Central Europe is a walk through history. Sometimes grim, but always tempered with unparalleled beauty, the story of the past is told in every detail of the present. It’s in the clatter of hoofs on cobblestones from a passing doroshka in Warsaw and in the easy smile of an old woman with a brightly colored kerchief in Budapest. There’s a tale in the melodies of Mozart that sound from the opera houses, churches and belle epoques of Vienna and the cloak-and-dagger talk of Prague’s infamous dissident cafe.

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The Best Places to Visit in Budapest, Hungary

Our Top Ten Favorites

One of the top European city’s to visit this summer is actually a blend of three former cities. Once known as Óbuda, Buda and Pest, Budapest is a charming old town at the heart of central Europe. Though the city was once occupied by the Turks and later ravaged by Christian troops during the liberation of Buda, it was reborn during the Habsburg rule. Despite the devastation of World War II, the old world charm and regal allure of Budapest have managed to survive through all its incarnations. Here are our top 10 favorite sites in Budapest:

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Tips for Visiting Budapest's Central Market Hall

To Market, To Market

Shortly after three cities were unified into Budapest, a series of grand markets opened in the capital city of Hungary near the turn of the century, the largest of which is the Central Market Hall. When it first opened, the shopping center featured a canal that ran through the heart of the market from the nearby Danube, allowing barges to deliver goods. Even though the river no longer runs through it, the hall still features original decor: elaborate ceramic tile work, cast iron columns and a spacious interior that makes it worth a visit for small group tours and independent travelers. But for hungry locals, tourists and foodies alike, there’s simply nothing better than browsing the produce stalls and grabbing a quick bite of comfort food. To make the most of your trip, here are our tips on what to buy at the Central Market Hall and what you need to know:

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“Little Paris of Middle Europe” Charms Visitors

Budapest, Hungary

“Taking the waters” has been a tradition in Budapest since the time of the Romans. With an abundance of hot springs – 123 thermal springs and more than 400 mineral springs – it’s no surprise that the city is considered to be one of Europe’s premier spa destinations and is nicknamed “City of Baths.” Visitors can enjoy a soak in a mineral pool, relax in the toasty waters of a thermal spring or make a few laps in an Olympic training pool. However, if you happen to find yourself on the hurting end of a good party, the Hungarians swear these waters are the world’s best cure for macskajaj (“cat’s wail” in Hungarian), otherwise known as a good ‘ole fashioned hangover.

Gellért Baths -- The earliest reference to these waters dates back to the 13th century. The highlight of the complex is the main indoor swimming pool which features a grand Secession-style interior, marble columns and vibrant mosaics.

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