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Prague at a Glance

Prague's Top 7 Sights

As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague sits at the crossroads of Central Europe. This fascinating city is the ideal jumping-off point for exploring the Bohemian countryside, Vienna, Budapest and the other major highlights of the region. As few cities offer as much history and culture, you’ll want to allow ample time to roam about the cobbled streets of this idyllic city. Here are the top things to do in Prague:

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Walking Through History

Why Travel to Central Europe

Imagine a world where music escapes from every open window, where opulent castles rest against a backdrop of dramatic mountains, and where concerts are held amidst the glow of gilded ballrooms. You can almost picture the coronations of kings, and hear the sounds of Chopin carried across the broad Mazovian plains.

Traveling to Central Europe is a walk through history. Sometimes grim, but always tempered with unparalleled beauty, the story of the past is told in every detail of the present. It’s in the clatter of hoofs on cobblestones from a passing doroshka in Warsaw and in the easy smile of an old woman with a brightly colored kerchief in Budapest. There’s a tale in the melodies of Mozart that sound from the opera houses, churches and belle epoques of Vienna and the cloak-and-dagger talk of Prague’s infamous dissident cafe.

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Privileged Guests Explore Strahov Monastery

The Best Way to Spend an Afternoon in Prague

The Strahov Monastery in the Czech Republic dates back to the 12th century with the establishment of the Premonstratensians, a religious order of canons independent of the Catholic Church. Throughout the years, fire, war and Communism all took their toll on the abbey and, yet, it remains an active place of pilgrimage and a valuable guardian of history.


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