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Top 5 Things to Do in Dubai's Al Maha Desert Reserve

A Luxury Bedouin Encampment

In the rolling dunes of Dubai sits an opulent retreat known as Al Maha. Nestled in a verdant palm oasis deep within the emirate's desert landscape, the Al Maha is a luxury Bedouin encampment in the shadows of the Hajar Mountains. Exotic travel-seekers will relax in 42 opulent suites that appear to come straight from the pages of Arabian Nights, while indigenous wildlife like Arabian Oryx and gazelles wander in the distance.


Image: A Bedouin camel caravan in the distance; Yutaka Fujii, Flickr

Whether it’s reclining in the infinity pool or practicing your archery skills, enjoying a falconry demonstration or sipping cocktails on the sun deck overlooking the vast sands, there is plenty to do in this exotic locale. Here are the top five adventures awaiting you at the Al Maha:

Wildlife Drives: No matter if you’re here to photograph a rare Persian lynx or simply take in the beauty of the reserve’s free-roaming wildlife, there is plenty to see and do.

Horseback Riding: Gallop across the dunes on a majestic Arabian horse -- a heart-pounding adventure you won’t soon forget.

Nature Walks -- Field guides lead amateur biologists and botanists on guided tours of the flora and fauna of the reserve.

Desert Safari -- This 4-wheel drive thrill ride takes you across the sands at dizzying speeds and off-road to isolated corners of the desert landscape.

Ghaf Tree Walk -- This desert “forest” is the perfect example of natural adaptation. On this grove walk you’ll explore the ghaf tree whose long tap roots can reach water as deep as 35 meters below ground.

The Al Maha is just one of the exquisite boutique accommodations offered by Travcoa. This luxury travel company offers escorted vacations to the United Arab Emirates and other exotic travel destinations throughout the world. For information, call a travel agent or a Travcoa Journey Consultant at 1-800-992-2003, email and be sure to check out our luxury private journeys and small group tours of the Middle East.

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