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Tomato, Tomahto: You Like Iguazú and I Like Iguaçú

The 275 Cascades that Thunder

Nature’s mightiest show is a thunderous waterfall in South America that plunges more than 200 feet from a horseshoe ring of massive cliffs. Its sheer breadth makes this the widest waterfall in the world and one of the planet’s greatest natural wonders. More sweeping than even Niagara Falls, Iguazú Falls dumps over 1,700 cubic meters of water per second, creating a jaw-dropping spectacle of 275 individual falls. And if you happen to be there in the rainy season, you’ll shutter to hear the deafening thunder of up to 350!


Image: Sunset Over Iguaçú, Brazil; SF Brit, Flickr


Straddling the border between Argentina and Brazil, the fury of Iguaçú is undeniable. Viewed from foot paths of the Argentinian side, a panoramic elevator on the Brazilian side, and even helicopters, visitors stand beneath rainbows created when a wall of water spray is reflected off the South American sun throwing prisms of light across the landscape. A series of walkways dissects the falls and meanders through the neighboring dense tropical forests on the Brazilian side–making  for an unforgettable and up-close encounter. One catwalk in particular on the Argentinian side crosses the Upper Falls to reach Garganta del Diablo or Devil’s Throat, one of the world’s most amazing cataracts and Iguazú’s largest cascade.

Just a short flight from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Iguazú is nestled in a humid jungle that is home to giant butterflies and colorful toucans. In addition to the heart-pounding thunder of the great falls, the area boasts a strong indigenous tribal culture, mysterious Jesuit ruins and an abundance of local wildlife. Stroll through dense tropical foliage and keep your eyes peeled for exotic animals and native plant life. Then, end your day by falling asleep to the sounds “Big Water,” the tribal name for the plummeting falls of Iguaçú, at the iconic Hotel das Cataratas on the Brazilian side.

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