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How a Travel Director Makes the Journey

When Travcoa Travel Director Amber Medkiff describes her job she likens it to a movie shoot. She is the producer, her clients are the actors and every journey begins as a blank set. Together, she and her travel companions weave an epic tale from shared experiences and climactic moments. What makes it interesting is that every journey she takes involves a new cast of characters and a different location, making it impossible to ever tell the same story twice.


That’s the magic of a travel director. With passports chock full of stamps and connections in every corner of the world, these experienced travelers are one part historian, one part cultural attaché and one part trusted friend. From the moment you arrive at your destination, your travel director is there to take care of you: from phoning to make sure your luggage arrived safely to explaining how you’ll need to dress when visiting a mosque, making sure your dietary needs are accommodated to recommending the ideal spot to grab lunch.

Part of what separates Travcoa from the rest of the travel industry is the small group size. With no more than 18 travelers on an escorted journey, travel directors can do some pretty unforgettable things. Our travel professionals have arranged hot air balloon rides over the savannah to mark an anniversary, painted well-wishes onto brightly-decorated elephants for a 50th birthday celebration and even led morning yoga classes. It all becomes possible when the group is so small that fellow travelers become friends.

We hear it time and time again from our guests: Travcoa’s legendary travel directors are the distinguishing hallmark of every Escorted Journey. Intelligent, charming and sometimes downright clairvoyant, these capable men and women are experts in the art of hospitality. With decades’ worth of relationships — from local guides to hotel staff, restaurant owners to street vendors — our travel directors go to great lengths to ensure your experience is everything you dreamed it would be.

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