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The Adriatic Coast

The “Undiscovered Country” 


The “undiscovered country” along the eastern Adriatic epitomizes the fabled beauty and fairy-tale ambience of the Old World. Rarely visited by American travelers, this splendorous region is a wonderland of deep-blue seas, magical islands, Roman ruins, medieval towns, celebrated cities, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Stretching back millennia, the region now home to Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro, and along the coastline of the Adriatic, has played unwitting host to countless invasions and occupations from Pagans, Christians, and Muslims. These scenic and strategic lands have seen the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms. Romans from the west and Byzantines from east, Barbarians, Venetians, Hapsburgs, Ottomans and Turks—all these peoples and more have left behind an eclectic mix of custom, cuisine and architecture on this remarkable land. During the 20th century, conflict in the region made it one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Even with the end of World War II, the turmoil would continue as Croatian-born Dictator Josip Broz Tito downplayed sectarian differences among the ethnically diverse land and ruled a united Yugoslavia—with authoritarian intolerance—for 34 years. With Tito’s death in 1980, the sectarian differences arose once more with staggering costs. Now, with each passing year, more and more visitors are discovering the picturesque gems of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro, the Adriatic Coast, and all that it has to offer: friendly people, great food and wine, gorgeous scenery, historic places and fascinating history.

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