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Passport to Adventure

One Mother-Daughter Duo Recounts Their Travels

Cathy Lincoln remembers the summer of 1973 as her introduction to the world. As the other kids in her class headed off to the playground or the community pool, her family stepped off a bush plane and into Africa.

“We always traveled,” she said. “That summer we discovered a world beyond the zoo. To see the animals in the wild made that world come to life. It was different than anything I’d read or even imagined.”

The Lincoln family travels began with a trip to Niagara Falls and grew to destinations in the U.S., Canada and eventually the four corners of the world.

“I waited until the youngest child was out of diapers,” Cathy’s mom and travel companion, Emma Lincoln, said. “Then we were off and running.”

You could say travel is a birthright in this adventurous family. Emma’s own father once served on the crew of the famed Yankee schooner with sailing pioneer Irving Johnson. The captain and amateur crew circumnavigated the globe, traveling to the islands of the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and the Cape of Good Hope. The 18-month journey was captured in books, articles and movies produced by the National Geographic Society.

“I remember hearing the familiar cry from a sibling ‘Dad your friend is on TV again,’” Emma recalls. “I grew up in a house where the walls were covered with African and Malaysian art and the suitcases were always packed.”

While her very ‘well-heeled’ cousins entered society, Emma’s family explored the world. It was a curiosity that stayed with her and only grew as she began to venture out with her own children.

“My kids were the first white children the natives in Papua New Guinea had ever seen,” Emma says. “And I was the third American to enter Libya – and that was only because two other people got there the day before. I remember when I walked off the plane and the custom guard shouted ‘The Americans are here!’”


Image: The Lincolns in Papua New Guinea

This very well-traveled duo has traipsed through dozens of countries with Travcoa and often barely have time to unpack before they’re off again.

“Someone once said that travel defines me,” Emma said. “It’s not that I’m a country counter but I do like saying I’ve been to North Korea. It’s not about bragging rights. It’s proof of a life well lived.”

“Travel is the greatest gift,”  Cathy chimes in,“I’m a much more open-minded person because of it. I understand the reasons why people think like they do, do what they do and how, in the end, we’re all a lot more alike than you think.”

On a recent Custom Journey to Sardinia and Corsica, Emma discovered how that common ground can often be found in the smallest of things.

“I was in this small town with a craft fair when I saw a lady embroidering,” she said. “She watched me turn over the piece to inspect the back as the interpreter explained that I also sew. ‘Yes, I know.’ she said. We didn’t share the language but we both understood an embroidery needle and had the same love of the art.”

She may not remember every city she has ever been to, but according to Emma, she “always remembers a market and a face.”

“I never feel like there’s a wall between me and the locals,” she said. “I don’t just observe, I meet and interact and get to know them. That’s the mark of a traveler.”

And so as we head towards summer, the Lincoln duo is planning their next excursion and hopes that you too are in the midst of some great adventure.

“Don’t hesitate,” Cathy said. “Logistics are just minor details. Just go. The world is waiting.”

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