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Kia Ora: Photo Tips for New Zealand

New Zealand is a country known for mythical landscapes. With sparkling fjords and steaming volcanoes, it is frequently the backdrop for Hollywood’s most magical movies -- from Harry Potter to the Lord of the Rings. To capture Kia Ora from sea to sky, here are some tips every amateur photographer must know before you click:

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Things to See in China

Ancient Chinese Variety Arts

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Walk Through History

A Traveler's Guide to Israel

Like pages torn from the Bible, a journey to Israel reveals the secrets of many of the world’s religions. From Nazareth to Bethlehem, the Mount of Olives to the Dome of the Rock, this tiny corner of the earth holds a staggering collection of holy sites and is the cradle of many faiths. Your pilgrimage unfolds with these must-see highlights for all who travel to this holy land.

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What to Wear in Morocco

Fashion for the Medinas

At the crossroads of Europe and Africa, Morocco is a cultural conundrum. Bordered by the Mediterranean, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara Desert it’s as diverse a landscape as you’ll ever find. An intoxicating blend of the ancient and exotic, traveling to  Morocco requires a bit of planning. For example, visiting the many mosques requires an appropriate amount of modesty, but the hot desert sun and dusty landscape present a need for cool comfort as well. To avoid offending while still appearing effortlessly chic, here are some tips for what to pack for a journey to Morocco:

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What to Eat in Puglia

Flavors from Italy’s Breadbasket

Often referred to as the breadbasket of Italy, Puglia is where 80 percent of Europe’s pasta originates. This fertile region, situated in the southern ‘heel of the boot,’ is the source of much of the country’s produce as well as a large amount of its fish supply. In addition, the area produces more olive oil than all the other regions of Italy combined and more wine than the entire country of Germany. With so much flavor abounding here, eating is more than just a casual affair -- it’s a treat to be savored and an indulgence best approached with gusto. Here are some of the top foods to eat when you travel to Puglia:

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Eating in Morocco

Tips for Tagine Cooking

The word tagine describes the clay or ceramic vessel used to cook Moroccan food but it is also a term for the hearty casserole dishes that are cooked inside these oddly-shaped pots. For centuries, Moroccans have slow-cooked tagines of lamb and sausage, vegetables and spices. And what was once the culinary-style of bedouins and tent-cooks has now become more and more common throughout the world. While there’s no better spot than a seat around the tagine in the exotic country of Morocco, we do have these tips to offer for preparing, cooking with, and using a tagine:

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Prague at a Glance

Prague's Top 7 Sights

As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague sits at the crossroads of Central Europe. This fascinating city is the ideal jumping-off point for exploring the Bohemian countryside, Vienna, Budapest and the other major highlights of the region. As few cities offer as much history and culture, you’ll want to allow ample time to roam about the cobbled streets of this idyllic city. Here are the top things to do in Prague:

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Traveling to the Golden Land

Tips for Visiting Myanmar

While other nations in Indochina have welcomed foreigners for some time, tourism is still a novelty in Myanmar. Even though the former country known as Burma is now welcoming outsiders to its doorstep, it remains relatively untouched by the Western world and significantly more conservative than its Asian counterparts. As such, there are a host of tips to consider when traveling to Myanmar:

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Why Rotorua's Champagne Pool Smells Like Anything But...

Traveling New Zealand

Visiting New Zealand's largest mud pool can be a fascinating experience. With steaming vents and bubbling earth, this area that rests in the crater of an extinct volcano is a must-visit on any journey to “Kia Ora” -- just make sure to plug your nose. You see, besides its vibrant colors and smoking surface, Rotorua is famous for something just as shocking...its smell.

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India's Tiger Safari

Where to Spot Ranthambore's Elusive Bengal Tigers

Ranthambhore National Park is one of the only places on Earth to spot the elusive Bengal Tiger. Located near Jaipur, this area was once used by Indian royals as a hunting ground and has since been converted to a national park in order to preserve the threatened tigers.  Here are the top things to see in Ranthambhore National Park:

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