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One of Europe’s Most Remarkable Surprises: Poland - Part 1

A Story of Family

When traveling in a country such as Poland, a flexible itinerary can offer some extraordinary opportunities, like those experienced by Harry Pelz and his family.

Harry’s parents were born in pre-war Poland, and it’s very important to him that his grand children understand their family’s heritage. Prior to the Pelzs’ arrival in Poland, their local Travcoa guide did some research that led the family to a man who had known Harry’s father when he was in his teens. The Pelz family was able to meet with this gentleman, he escorted the family to the farm where he’d worked with Harry’s father, and he gave Harry a letter that had been written by his dad in 1966. Although it only contained everyday correspondence between friends, the letter was far more important than any souvenir Harry could’ve possibly purchased.

Poland Tours Harry Pelz and his family

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The Pelz family was able to define when and where they wanted to go and exactly what they wanted to see. Travcoa worked closely with the family to create their own highly personalized itinerary. “It was a trip tailor-made for us,” Harry says. “We were flexible with our time, spending more time on things that interested us, less on things that didn’t.”

The family returned from their Poland tour with images and experiences that helped to give context to their personal history. And for Harry, there is the hand-written letter—faded by time and penned in a language he doesn’t speak—to remind him of one ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life.

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