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Kenya: The Sounds of the Savannah

Kenya's Tortilis Camp

Outside your luxury tent at Kenya’s Tortilis Camp there are sounds unlike any you’ve ever heard before. Imagine awakening to a mama elephant foraging through the acacia trees to find food for her calf or the rousing chorus of birds in thousands of weaver nests that hang just overhead. Recognized as the country’s premier safari encampment, this enclave in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a storybook world of game drives and sundowners, nature walks and bush meals. Tucked away in its own private corner of Amboseli National Park, it’s an experience that will exceed your imagination.


Image: Kenya's Tortilis Camp

Founded on lands owned by a Maasai family, the project is a result of their desire to create a camp that would exist in harmony with its surroundings and honor the Maasai way of life. Today, this small boutique property is completely solar-powered and features a large garden that supplies the camp with its own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Its unobtrusive luxury tents are made of makuti thatch roofs and a spacious veranda with magnificent view of Kilimanjaro. The camp’s respect for its surroundings is matched only by the excitement of the adventure that awaits.

Picture yourself tracking a pride of lions over the savannah or glimpsing a herd of gazelle as they spring to life across the horizon. Watch as more than a thousand elephants stroll across the dusty Kenyan plains or a cheetah suddenly surges after its prey before your eyes. Or, simply sit back and relax with a massage and a dip in the camp’s pool. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to cap off your day with a sundowner in the lounge followed by one of Mama Cheli’s famous dishes at the camp’s internationally-recognized Italian restaurant. Then, as you sit back around the fire, under a canopy of stars, prepare to be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bush and the memories of your unforgettable day at Tortilis Camp.

The Tortilis Camp is just one of the exemplary accommodations included on Travcoa’s Grand Safari: Kenya & Tanzania Journey. This luxury travel company offers escorted vacations to Kenya and exotic travel destinations throughout the world. For information, call a travel agent or a Travcoa Journey Consultant at 1-800-992-2003, email and be sure to check out our luxury private journeys and small group tours of Africa.

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