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Italy's Il Dolce Vita: Journey to the Sweet Life

Every Region Has A Specialty on Offer

For those who love art, architecture, history, fine cuisine, good wine, cutting-edge design, sybaritic pleasures or simply the art of il dolce vita (the sweet life), Italy offers more than any other single country on Earth. In fact, the region of Tuscany alone is home to more artistic treasures than the entire country of Spain, which ranks as the second country in the world for cultural heritage.

With such an enormous amount of to do and see in nearly every region of the country, a flexible travel itinerary can truly make an enormous difference with any journey to Italy.


 Image: The Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

While in the north, perhaps you’d like to add a shopping excursion to the fashion center of Milan, and the chance to enjoy to the angelic vistas of the nearby Lake Como. Maybe you can trace your ancestral heritage to one the many smaller hilltop towns in the region Umbria, where less-visited sites of art, architecture and history hold every bit as much Italian culture as the better-known places. Or when in Naples, make a day-trip to see Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the eerie effects from the ancient eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. When exploring Sicily, a break from viewing the breathtaking ruins and architecture near Palermo to visit the island’s western vineyards might just be the highlight of your Italian adventure.

Every Travcoa Private Journey features a well-crafted itinerary, superb accommodations, a car and driver, breakfast daily, exclusive excursions and the distinguished service of expert local guides. But you’ll also enjoy the option to depart on a date that suits your schedule and you’ll have the ability to make changes to your itinerary, even “day of” modifications, that will truly tailor the journey to your interests. Everything is impeccably arranged for you at prices that are competitive with the costs of larger group tours.

For those who wish to push for a little more out of their travel experience, every region of Italy offers both well-known attractions, as well as off-the-beaten-path surprises. 

For exclusive insight into the splendors of Italy, download The Sophisticated Traveler’s Guide to Italy, a fantastic resource to help you get the most out of an adventure to this region.

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