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India's Tiger Safari

Where to Spot Ranthambore's Elusive Bengal Tigers

Ranthambhore National Park is one of the only places on Earth to spot the elusive Bengal Tiger. Located near Jaipur, this area was once used by Indian royals as a hunting ground and has since been converted to a national park in order to preserve the threatened tigers.  Here are the top things to see in Ranthambhore National Park:


Image: A white Bengal tiger relaxes in the shade; Ryan Poplin, Flickr

Ranthambore Fort -- Perched high atop a hill, this ancient fort overlooks the entire landscape. Keep your eyes open for the shy Bengals as well as other mammals and local birds. Also be sure to explore the Hindu temples of Shiva, Ganesh, and Ramlalaji.

Bakaula -- This densely-forested section of the park is peppered with water holes and thick vegetation that attract the park’s tigresses and cubs.

Anantpura -- In this northern corner of the park you’ll find your best bet for bear sightings. If you’re lucky, you just may spot a few hyenas as well.

Raj Bagh -- An ancient ruin, Raj Bagh is a long-forgotten relic that makes the perfect home for tigers to creep and slink about. Crumbling stone domes, archways, and staircases become a playground for these curious felines.

Lakarda -- In the northwest corner of Ranthambhore you can see unusual ant hill formations that poke up across the arid landscape.

Padam Talao -- As the area’s largest body of water, Padam Talao attracts most of the park’s animal population -- from Indian gazelles to antelope and indigenous birds. The creatures make their way here early in the morning and late in the evening to drink.

Kachida Valley -- The rocky outcroppings here make the ideal perch for panthers that are prone to recline on the warm stone ledges during the heat of the day.

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