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Exploring A Former Global Empire: Spain

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Being the world’s first truly global empire, Spain’s history can at least partly be seen in other lands all around the globe. The full richness and diversity of Spain’s past, however, must be witnessed in the homeland to fully appreciate this important and dynamic culture. In a country like Spain, a flexible itinerary can make an enormous difference in your travel experience. With so much to do and see and so many interesting sites that are off-the-beaten-path, the ability to make your own agenda is truly special.


Image: Torre de Hércules, Spain; Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias, Flickr

Unique Experiences

  • In addition to many of the more well-known attractions, including Granada's Alhambra, perhaps you’d like to try windsurfing or kite-surfing off Point Tarifa, the southern most spot in Europe.
  • With the second-highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe, maybe you’d like to divert your schedule to take in some of those that are not visited quite so often. The world’s oldest lighthouse, the Torre de Hércules off the Galician coast near La Coruña, may make a very interesting diversion from a more “typical” Spanish adventure.
  • Perhaps taking a day or two to enjoy the company of family and friends who may live in Spain could be the ultimate experience of your journey.
Each Travcoa Private Journey features a well-crafted itinerary that highlights the most intriguing attractions of the destinations. You’ll also enjoy the option to depart on a date that suits your schedule and you’ll have the ability to make changes to your itinerary -- even “day of” modifications-- that will truly tailor the journey to your interests. The experience is complemented with superb accommodations, a car and driver, breakfast daily, exclusive excursions, and the distinguished service of expert local guides. Everything is impeccably arranged for you at prices that are competitive with the costs of larger group tours.

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