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New Doors Are Opening

There was a time in 1960 when starlets and showgirls gathered around the craps table at Havana’s Tropicana, and Ernest Hemingway still stumbled into El Floridita, his favorite Cuban watering hole. All that came to an abrupt halt with the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in 1961 and for more than a half a century the door to Cuba has remained closed to Americans. 

Doors are starting to open, however. Over the past several years, cultural exchange programs have been granted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) that permit travel to Cuba. Today, only a limited number of travel companies are awarded licenses to operate educational exchange travel to Cuba.  Today’s travel itineraries feature meaningful interactions with the people and the culture. Those lucky enough to secure one of the coveted spots on these journeys soon discover that while some things harken back to the Havana of the big screen, much has changed.  

Cuba, like the sexy vintage cars that line its cobble-stone streets, is beautiful on the outside but a bit rusty under the hood. However, there is a vibrancy about today’s Cuba that facinates visitors. Bongo drums and guitars keep rhythm as salsa dancers hit the floor in almost every restaurant and night club. Mojitos flow and laughter ripples across the landscape. It’s the kind of place where friends are valued, visitors are welcomed and family comes above everything. It’s the type of journey where luxury is found in the experience; where having a five-star encounter is more important than a five-star hotel.

Travcoa now offer guests the opportunity to travel to Cuba on our new Community, Culture & Cruisine tour. As one of the few, select travel companies to be issued a license by the department of The Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control, Travcoa (CT-2013-302998-I) is operating educational exchange travel to Cuba. The scheduled departures to Cuba begin from early January 2015 through May 2016. The 7-day and 10-day itineraries are all-inclusive and begin with an overnight in Miami at the Sofitel Hotel. Each departure is limited to 18 guests, is fully escorted by a Travcoa Educational Leader and accompanied by a local Cuban guide. Guests can choose from Select and Grand categories with land prices starting from $4,995 per person, plus $590 per person for the charter flights between Miami and Cuba.

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